Supratik Das

From a very early age, I had a passion for making 'things'. In my junior school years, I used to collect scrape items just to create something useful or just amusing out of them. When I got involved in a bit of programming in my middle school years, the same temperament continued. In fact, I created my first game in the 7th standard itself, a simple Pacman based game but engrossing. Be it any field of technology or just simple science, it always fascinated me.
My passion for development is what drove me into software and web dev. Currently, I am a software developer at SDSLabs, a college developers' group in IIT Roorkee, where I have worked on many software and web development projects. Since the group is constantly working on projects for the campus students, I got the opportunity to work on large scale projects and oversee everything from the code bug fixes to final deploy.
One of the most complex projects that I have worked on is worked on is a PaaS application where we provide deployment services to the campus students. It is based on microservice architecture where each service handle different aspect of deployment and monitoring. It's completing written in Golang. From the designer's point of view, it's as simple as providing the Github URL of your app and let our app do the rest. Other notable projects include an Oauth2 server and song downloader microservice for a music streaming application. I also leading the development of a Hashicorp Nomad based cloud-native attack-defence CTF platform. It uses microVMs as the team VMs and architecture inspired from standard cloud-native systems.
I believe that I can decide the architecture and flow of any software quite efficiently. This is what makes me capable of working on complex projects. And that is why backend development and serverside management interests me. Apart from this I am highly inspired by anything decentralized. Be it blockchain or distributed computing, and new innovation in this field really has me going. I believe I am quite fluent in Golang, Node, Python, PHP for backend as well as React, Vue and SASS for frontend.
I have taken part in several hackathons and I believe I can efficiently play with APIs and modules and build a decent app. I have an experience of many frameworks and libraries which I believe gives me an edge over others.



Gamify Workspace with Incentive(cryptoTokens)-driven decentralised-appraisal systemGraphQL, Ethereum TestRPC


Sharing of Computational resources with Crypto TokensNode.js, Docker, GraphQL, Golang, Matic




  • Bolo - Software Developer
    May 2019 - July 2019

    • Developed a cloud recording microservice for a peer-to-peer WebRTC session.
    • Developed a chat infrastructure service which uses Socket.IO and FCM. Used NodeJS’s Cluster library for concurrent socket management.

  • Moodcafe - Backend Developer
    December 2018 - January 2019

    • Worked on the backend of the Moodcafe app, an anonymous chat application, with an intelligent listener-user matching.
    • Implemented effective match algorithms and a proper testing scheme for the REST API and WebSockets.
    • Worked on implementing sharding and replica-sets in MongoDB.

  • American Express - Software Developer
    May 2020 - July 2020

    • Worked on developing service classes for microservices with datastore interaction.
    • Proposed a new testing framework Groovy as a replacement for JUnit.
    • Developed a code-crawler application as a part of internal hackathon with performance enhancements using multithreading and effective use of LRU caches.

  • Google Summer of Code (CD Foundation) - Student Developer
    June 2020 - August 2020

    • Incorporated the generation and use of deploy keys in the pipeline building flow.
    • Added support for handling webhooks from external SCM repositories and selectively choosing pipeline jobs.