Subhodip Kumar

I am a currently a Developer 2 at Hyland Software making Enterprise Integration middleware. I have completed my Bachelors in Information Technology from Institute of Engineering and Management Kolkata in 2015.

For the last 5 yrs my professional experience has been primarily in Enterprise Content Management(ECM) domain and my primary technical stack has been Java/Spring/Hibernate. I have also used Azure, Firebase/GCP for cloud deployments. I have extensive experience of how workflow systems work and integrate. Being part of Integration products, I have reasonable knowledge of Enterprise Integration Patterns.

I started writing ActionScript(Flash) code to develop small games when I was 12. Discovered the internet mostly around the same time and have been an enthusiast ever since. I love to experiment with new technologies. I have pursued web development since college days for pocket money and fun. Completed over a dozen freelance projects including an entire Property and Booking Management system for an established Hotel chain. The system is in production since 4 years. In 2016 I found out about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space and have since been trying to create bots to trade for me (most of them failed). I also scrape financial information for fun (and some profit recently). Experiments have gone pretty well lately.

I love most of Javascript (but hate the ecosystem) and beautiful Interfaces. I found my recent love in Flutter/Dart when a friend asked me to create an app for his Transport business.

I am also an aspiring IndieHacker and love to follow the maker community at IndieHackers, HackerNews, and MakerLog.


  1. Won Hackathon at Techfest 2012 at IIT Bombay.
  2. Won Hackathon at Innovacion 2012 at IEM Kolkata.
  3. Won Best Student Award at IEM Kolkata for the 2015 Batch.
  4. Won Innovation Challenge 2019 at Hyland for designing Blockchain based Secured Content Management on Ethereum with off-chain storage.



A secure, Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) based virtual data room provider for the Account Aggregator FrameworkReact, Kubernetes, Hibernate, Spring Boot, OpenWhisk




  • Hyland - Developer 2
    July 2017 - Present

    Develping Enterprise Integration middlewares to integrate 3rd Party data providers like Parchment, Ellucian, Workday etc. with Hyland's flagship ECM products.

    Using Java 11, Spring Framework and Hibernate for backend and Angular for frontend.

  • National University of Singapore - Open source Contributor
    April 2013 - June 2013

    As an internship project worked on NUS's TEAMMATES project as an open source contributor.

  • Lexmark - Developer 1
    July 2015 - July 2018

    Developed Enterprise Content Management(ECM) Products for 1500+ Higher Ed Institutions including Top 5 US based Universities.

    Used Java 8, Spring Framework and Hibernate for backend and GWT for frontend development.