Saikat Sadhukhan

I have been working as a Full-Stack developer for 6+ years and have good experience with Java, Multithreading, RESTful Services, Javascript, Angular, MySQL, Spring, SpringMVC, SpringREST, Spring Boot, Hibernate, SOAP, Linux OS, Data Structures & Algorithms, Design Pattern, DevOps (Docker, Jenkins, Sonarqube, Artifactory, Github). Currently, working for Dell EMC as a Senior Software Engineer. I am interested to learn new technology and implement it for developing highly scalable, efficient, and reliable software.


Darth VDR - Virtual Data Room

Darth VDR allows computations on private data through proprietary algorithms in isolated virtual data rooms of a regulated entity without exposing the data or the algorithms to the opposite party.React, Node.js, Java, Docker, AWS Lambda, Python, AWS, PostgreSQL, Spring, AWS Fargate


Database Systems


  • Dell Technologies - Se
  • Dell Technologies - Senior Software Engineer
    May 2020 - Present

    I have joined recently in Dell EMC as a senior software engineer. I am working on building SAS services for Dell cloud. We are using microservices to build the entire SAS platform using spring boot and different modules.