Sidarth S

I'am Sidarth and I work as Blockchain developer.
My Experience in blockchain primarily is of smart contract development , where in day to day I develop smart-contracts related to the Defi and NFT space as per the requirements and customisations . I have worked on Projects involving NFT Marketplaces , NFT staking , NFT renting , NFT swapping , NFT based Voting Systems etc..
I have also worked on upcoming domains in NFT like the On-chain and evolutionary NFTs. Auction Mechanism of NFTs like Dutch Auction, GDA , CGDA etc..
I am into auditing of smart contracts, end to end testing of the contracts for vulnerabilities.
Apart from this I have deployed contracts and worked on other upcoming chains like the Hydra chain and Klatyn chain.
I am recently into Zero knowledge Proof , and currently learning cairo and smart contract development in starknet.

Prior to this I was working as a Data Scientist, and was into the domain of AI and ML, in companies like Straive and Nissan Digital.

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Cross-chain gaming containing dynamic 998 NFT's which changes with each chain's culture.Similiar to pokemon go with pvp and intresting mechanisms.Solidity, React, JavaScript, Remix (IDE), Nodejs, Hardhat


The project focuses on to decode the value stored in private variables and variables without getter function, by diving directly into the memory slots and accessing the stored value.StarkWare, Cairo, starknet js


Deep Learning
Smart Contracts
Blockchain Development


  • Straive - Data Scientist
    August 2020 - September 2021

    • NLP Projects involve building of Language translation pipelines , Grammar Error Detection models.
    • Object Detection projects like digitalizing Aadhar cards, Crash forms. Usage of Faster-RCNN model, followed by OCR text extractions

  • GuardianLink - Blockchain Developer
    September 2021 - Present

    Worked primarily on Smart Contract Development.
    • NFT marketplace, staking and renting .
    • On-Chain NFTs and worked on Generative & Evolutionary NFTs.
    • Dutch Auction Workflow and POC’s on GDAs and CGDA
    • Auditing of Smart Contracts and Gas Optimisations
    • Pancakeswap like prediction contracts (betting bear-bull )
    • POC’s and smart contract development in various other chains like Hydra, Klaytn, etc..