Sambit Sankalp

Hello, I am Sambit Sankalp, a tech enthusiast and developer currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at NIT Rourkela. I am passionate about development as it is a way of creating new doors for the world, and also I love exploring ways to write codes by following best practices so that the code looks optimised and works efficiently. I love to collaborate with communities to develop and create new projects.

The sector that fascinates me is Web Development. The tech stacks that I use to do projects are Reactjs, Nextjs, Gatsby for frontend and Firebase, Node, Express, GraphQL for backend and MongoDB, SQL for database and Netlify, Firebase for Deployment.

The collaborated project that I have built is the official website of TEDxNIT Rourkela with a ticket booking system and a live platform integrated with firebase. The project is done using Gatsby and styled-components from scratch. It was fun to do this project by learning new frameworks like Gatsby. Working with a team, learning about various gatsby-related things, and integrating firebase into the website was also enjoyable.

The personal project that I have built is Profilia. It is an interactive project between users where users interact with other users. This project is built with React, Redux for frontend, Webpack and Babel for bundling and AntDesign as UI library. Integrating firebase authentication and a real-time database is also enjoyable.


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