Rishabh Kumar

My name is Rishabh Kumar and I am currently working as Software Engineer 2 at Fanatics Inc. I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee with an Integrated Masters in Applied Mathematics in 2018.

During my pre-final year, I worked as an intern at Next Education, an educational technology company catering to the technological needs of schools and students. The team I was working with was responsible for development of adaptive testing platform (like GRE & GMAT) for Indian school boards. I was actively involved in building statistical models for adaptive testing and product decisions due to my background in Applied Mathematics. Based on the contributions to the team, I was offered a Pre Placement Offer. I joined Next Education as a full time employee in June 2018 and I started working on a new product for automated grammar checking of texts written by school children using NLP and language model. I worked extensively to understand the common mistakes made by non native English speakers by interacting with teachers/SME and took responsibility of the entire end to end development of the product. Finally, we achieved an AUC of 0.68 on the testing data and launched the product after integration with the rich text editor - CKEditor which was used extensively to capture text response in the company. Also, I contributed to development of data warehousing infrastructure for generation of reports for school teachers and parents.

I was interested to explore the latest advancements and innovation in E-Commerce segment so I joined the Fanatics engineering team in September 2019. I have been mostly involved in building integration infrastructure between warehouse, vendors , order management and logistics partner. Currently, I am working on the development of digital assets management system to organise and provide secure access to digital assets (product images, videos, product designs etc) across different teams inside and outside Fanatics.

I am passionate about building scalable systems which solve real world problems and I am excited to see the impact of my project to the existing processes.



Personal finance management application for reporting investor’s portfolios and investing with wealth advisorsReact, JavaScript, Java, pandas, Python, Spring Boot


Java SE