Reet Batra

I am a DevRel intern at Nervos and I am pivoting my career into strictly developments roles, this fellowship will give me some confidence upon my skills.


DLS - Decentralized Lottery System

Lottery system with multiple winners built on blockchain. Trustless. Borderless. Permissionless.Solidity, React, ethers.js, Chainlink, Brownie


Equal Opportunities, Equal Pay: Get Paid for Your Talent, Regardless of Gender or Nationality or any other factor!Solidity, React, Multer, Tesseract OCR, Tailwind CSS, DigitalOcean, Nodejs, Polygon, IPFS / Filecoin, Lighthouse

basedfunding 🤝

We believe investing in education is based. donate in crypto wherever you are.Solidity, Next.js, PostgreSQL, Tailwind CSS, Fleek, foundry, BASE, Prisma ORM, COINBASE SMART WALLET, OnchainKit


Product Development


  • ZKX - Developer Relations Manager
    August 2022 - Present