Rahul Gupta

I am a blockchain developer and researcher, good at solidity, web3.js and node.js and currently working on ethereum blockchain, on building and deploying smart contracts.

Solving problems using technology drives me crazy as technology is the best sword we have got in this era to solve and evolve our problems.

I have been in an internship for supply chain on ethereum.

I have learnt on how blockchain can help us improve the quality of life, fasten the process of examining the authenticity of products, increasing their quality and increase our productivity in the fields where human responsibilities are the most painstaking part.



Creating transparency and equality in a low-wage job market.Solidity, Matic, Torus

Ethereum: Gallico

No more boredom between halts and Say no to scams.IPFS, React, CSS, HTML5, ethers.js, Matic, Wyre API, Chatbot

Donate Plasma

Plasma donation will cost you nothing, but it will save an unwell soul.Solidity, React, Node.js, Reactstrap, Matic, Portis, Semantic UI

Seguro Medico

A platform that provides immutable medical records and financial assistance facility for patients(crowdfunding).Solidity, Bootstrap, React, MetaMask, npm, Matic, Portis, Truffle Suite


Efficient utilization of the unused space to solve the unavailability of agricultural land, inorganic food, unemployment, and hunger.npm, Android Studio, React Native, Canva

Together We Stand

Combating Hunger, Pollution and Access to Energynpm, Android Studio, iOS, React Native


Cross Chain AnalyticsDjango, Machine Learning, Python, Data Mining, Covalent




  • Next Tech Lab - Associate

    Next Tech Lab is a QS Silver Award winner student run multidisciplinary lab with sub-labs working on new technologies such as Blockchain, AR/VR, Game Dvelopment, and Artificial Intelligence.

    I am a part of Satoshi Lab under Next Tech Lab AP.

  • Ennovab - Member