Praveen Gupta


Driven by my passion for technology and a desire to make the world an easier and a better place to live for all, I want to learn and explore more in the field of Computer Science and contribute back by building scalable and secure systems which can improve the lives of a large number of people and empower them.


I am an open-source enthusiast who likes to work on different domains and have worked on projects involving different web technologies and have experience in web and android development, scalable systems and using cloud services and other services in general.
I am currently exploring more in decentralized applications using blockchains and building scalable and secure distributed systems.

Work Experience

I have past experience of working together with teams on challenging projects.

Summer Intern '19 at Microsoft, Hyderabad

  • I worked with the Azure Cloud Compute team on improving the reliability of IaaS VMs with ephemeral OS disks. This resulted in reduced VM downtimes and would make it easy for large products to transition to the platform.
  • Worked with a fast-paced team which involved many decision and architectural changes on a large product and codebase

Google Summer of Code '18, Student Developer at Jitsi

  • The project provided a solution to break the language barrier in a video conferencing application by providing real-time translated subtitles and final transcripts in desired languages. As this was developed for an open-source project, this would be used by the global community and ease the interactions between people with varied dialects, accents, and cultures.
  • I faced many roadblocks during the development stage which includes getting familiar with a large existing codebase, lack of knowledge of the underlying infrastructure and technologies, deciding upon the design of the translation module, making sure that the new components being developed is integrated smoothly without breaking the existing platform. I learned a lot from my mentors about black-boxing components to focus on specific ones and coming up with different possible designs for the translation module and selecting the best one out of them based on the requirements. I learned how to work properly in a team on a project of a good scale.
    More information about the project can be found in this blog post

Past Hackathons

  • Bounty winners of NuCypher in ETHIndia 2.0
  • Winner of junior round os Microsoft Code.Fun.Do campus hackathon 2018 Hackathon
  • Finalists of Smart India Hackathon 2018 under the department of space, ISRO



Alice disappears; Bob gets the access. Ensuring no lockout of digital assets.NuCypher, Django


Speaking Out - Speak INOUT. Conquer the world through your oratory skills!jQuery, Bootstrap, Django, OpenCV, spaCy, Natural language processing (NLP), Video.js




  • Microsoft Azure - Software Engineering Intern
    May 2019 - July 2019

    Worked in Azure Cloud Compute team on performance and reliability improvements for IAAS VMs with Ephemeral OS Disks. As part of the internship, I got the chance to:
    ● Understand and work on the Azure Compute & storage architecture and the pipelined datapath.
    ● Make the required design changes to improve Perf and Reliability.
    ● Unit testing and validation in end-to-end Azure Cloud infrastructure.