Hriday Mehta

I am passionate about the various domains of Machine Learning. I am well versed with Reinforcement Learning and Multimodal Machine Learning and currently exploring Probabilistic Graphical Modelling.

I am currently pursuing Research at IIT Madras and IISc Bangalore, in the fields of Imitation Learning and Multimodal Neuroimaging respectively.

I had participated in the Warpspeed Hackathon'23 as the team LossPerEpoch with the project Comicify.ai that won in several tracks.



Transforming dull text into comic adventures!Next.js, Flask, OpenAi, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Tailwind CSS, Replit, Stable Diffusion


Empowering farmers with comprehensive solutionsSolidity, Next.js, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Python, Tailwind CSS, FastAPI, Filecoin, torch, zkml

Voice To Help

Automate ticket creation with Voice To Help Snap-in. Identify and resolve customer issues from Google Play, Twitter, and Reddit data.React, Flask, pandas, YAML, Python, GitHub, OpenAi, FastAPI


Machine Learning
Pandas and NumPy


  • Turing Bell - Machine Learning Engineer
    July 2023 - September 2023

    Turing Bell creates GPT powered AI agents that speak and text with a business’ customers through its existing communication channels (like the website, social media, email or good old telephone) just like an actual person.