Anirudha Bose

I am a software engineer at Brave.



Confidential credit scores and loan disbursal, powered by zkSNARKs and NEAR ProtocolJavaScript, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), Rust, Circom, NEAR Protocol




  • Brave Software - Wallet Engineer
    August 2021 - Present

    • Led the development of Brave Swap on EVM chains and Solana. • Added support for EIP-1559, a new fee market for ETH 1.0 chain. • Implemented Solidity ABI decoder for transaction insights.

    Org: • 13 interviews.

    Community: • Speaker: Browsers3000 '21, Filecoin Orbit '21, Futurama3 '22.

  • Web Design Ledger - Software Engineer
    May 2019 - August 2021

    • Worked on the core governance and service-orchestration layer of Vault, written in Python. • Worked on a modern and scalable Bitcoin wallet stack, notably gRPC services in Go around the protocol (bip32, wire tx) and HD keychain. • Authored satstack, a personal wallet indexer for Bitcoin full nodes. (blog.ledger.com/satstack) • Wrote a soft implementation for hardware authenticators in Python – implements cryptographic primitives, HD derivation, U2F, Secure Channel Protocol, etc. • Integrated features on a Scala driver for Hardware Security Modules. • Worked on a Python framework to easily set up test scenarios on a Bitcoin regtest network.

    Org: • 120 interviews (culture fit, coding, design). • Participated in 4 internal hackathons; runner-up in 3.

    Community: • Open source: Contributor to btcd (Bitcoin Go). • Attended: EuroPython '19 (Basel); FOSDEM '20 (Brussels); GoWayFest '20. • Speaker: P2P Festival '20 (Paris), Devbreak '21 (Paris).