Nicole Polensvaig

As a psychologist specialized in gender-based violence and with experience in business development and product management, I am excited about the opportunity to participate in ETHBarcelona. Although I have never been part of a hackathon before, I have a strong determination to delve into the world of Web3 solutions for various protocols.

As a governor of H.E.R. DAO Spain, I aim to seize this opportunity to immerse myself in Web3 technology and develop an innovative project that can contribute to the fight against gender-based violence from a decentralized, blockchain-based perspective. I firmly believe that technological solutions can play a crucial role in the prevention and addressing of this social issue.

Participating in ETHBarcelona will provide me with the opportunity to learn from experts and professionals in the field of Web3, as well as to establish valuable connections with mentors and other passionate participants in blockchain technology. I am excited about the possibility of working in teams, collaborating, and sharing knowledge with like-minded individuals.

Furthermore, I see this hackathon as a platform to explore new perspectives and approaches in developing Web3-based solutions for different existing protocols. Through interacting with other participants and being exposed to diverse ideas and projects, I hope to broaden my vision and acquire valuable knowledge that I can apply both in my role as a psychologist specialized in gender-based violence and in my responsibilities in business development and product management.


DEVOW: Decentralized Vowing

Devow is a crowdfunding platform designed to support women entrepreneurs by providing them a supportive ecosystem to raise funds for their startup ventures.Solidity, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, nextjs, Hardhat, Ethers, TailWindCSS, RainbowKit


Product Development
Project Mangement
Firmware Development
Business Development
Interpersonal Communication