Kumar Nilay

I am Smart Contract Auditor at Oak Securities (

Previously worked as a Full-Time Smart-Contract developer at [prePO] ( with over a year of experience in designing and implementing production level, upgradeable and audited smart contracts.

I have also won the prestigious ETHGlobal hackathons, Road To Web3, for my product CryptoBaskets.
ETHIndia 2022, for the product BananaWallet

The project won the Polygon - Best DeFi and Uniswap Grants Program - Most Innovative award.

Last year, I was selected to attend an intensive 3-month program, Secureum Bootcamp, for smart contract security sponsored by the Ethereum Foundation, ConsenSys Diligence, Sigma Prime and Trail of Bits.

Previously, have also been a part of the Solana Global Fellow, awarded to the top 50 developers under 24 by the Solana foundation.

I have also worked as Web3 Freelancer for a crypto VC firm.

Previously I worked at JP Morgan as a Quantitative Researcher, designing and implementing mathematical models for risk assessment of trades executed by JP Morgan.


Banana Smart Wallet

2FA of Txs with Account AbstractionReact, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), Gnosis Chain, EF: Account Abstraction, Snarkjs, erc 4337, sercom

Banana Wallet SDK

A wallet infra that let's you onboard even Monkeys on your dapp.Solidity, React, JavaScript, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), TypeScript, Webauthn, EF: Account Abstraction, Circom

Tweet Detective

Cleaning up online media, one AI-generated content at a time.CSS, JavaScript, Python, OpenAi, Chrome Extension


Spot the Scam Before It Spots YouJavaScript, Python, OpenAi, Etherscan


Recover your Wallet using just your Face and Personal TriviaSolidity, React, Ml, faceapi, Hardhat, Circom, Snarkjs, groth16


Deep Learning
Blockchain Development