Shivam Kumar Mishra

To be honest a nascent organisation would never be into application of such complex techniques. What you need to know is that Analytics companies are thriving and expanding in terms of size and on the basis of the techniques that they use , no matter where the company is geographically located, especially in India this field is still at Level 3–4, on the scale of 10 levels.

I'd suggest you to join a startup that is just starting of with analytics applications and try to implement all the complex techniques that you have learnt as of now. The best thing here would be, you wouldn't regret if you make mistakes in the first place. Going forward, you might also want to build a data science team in there. Like I said, there is more to this field in the coming years, why not take leading roles of implementing things(making sure you learn stuff on the side as well). I am sure there are many companies starting off with their offshore consulting services to their clients/other companies in U.S. You might wanna look at some companies in domains like Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Banking & Financial services.

Here is one that I know is thriving with full tempo in this industry, also, I am full time employed in the Data Science team there; I know there is a lot to be changed in the way we are working in this field. We are into Insurance consulting-Analytics. Here is the link to company’s website Xceedance

Here is another piece of advice, Most of the analytics and data science industries are using basics tools first, like VBA Macros, EXCEL, SQL and going forward they might want to use R and Python depending upon their requirements. Use should start with simple tools before actually implementing something complex. Once you know the fundamentals well, you can always build something complex



Simple Hospital Management System project is written in Python. The project file contains a python script ( This is a simple console based project which is very easy to understand and use.Python