Shiva Prasad

To challenge myself, I thought I should become an Entrepreneur and create something of my own, but realised it's a different experience all together to run a Startup! I'm glad that I took that decision and enjoying every moment building the products and solutions I thought I could never be able to do.

I quit a corporate job as Vice President, started and failed at three startups. I wanted to build a Fintech Mobile Platform but could not afford the cost to build it. I decided to learn programming basics and now write code for most part of my Mobile Application for both iOS and Android.

I have dealt with large corporates across the globe and startups across India.



Creating Financial EqualityNode.js, Firebase, ML Kit, Dart, Flutter

MAKSHealth - Health Information User Mobile App

Creating access to private and affordable health care for Blue Collar Workers and Domestic Help.Flutter, AWS, Blockchain, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), API Integration


Google Firebase