Sajan Kumar

I am good at making models based on AI/ML. When you think about how your brain works you will amaze by not knowing anything but using it throughout your whole life. I want to understand the inner working how does my brain all those amazing work which we even can't think of. It's so amazing and so confusing. I have worked quite some projects but in that the most complex was when I had to integrate AI with IoT for smart cities project under our Andhra Pradesh Govt called the smart pole. I learned about how to work with the team, integrate different fields and create something new. It was an awesome experience, learning from scholars of different field and making use of it in a real-world application, and experiencing how does this affect and help peoples around us.



Cross Chain AnalyticsDjango, Machine Learning, Python, Data Mining, Covalent


Unlock the power of on-chain data with iPhone screen widgets and a marketplace of customizable insightsSwift, Machine Learning, iOS, Python, Big Data, API, Widgets


A web3 solution for building automated workflows customized for your role and business.Solidity, jQuery, Node.js, Javasc, Spheron, move




  • OurEye.ai - ML Engineer
    December 2020 - Present

    Lead ML Engineer. Work on building the entire pipeline from collecting datasets to deploying models.

  • SRM University AP Amaravati - Teaching Assistant
    February 2019 - November 2019

    I am teaching students from Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Science about Data Science course and Introduction to programming using python.