Kristofer Bitney

Hi, I'm Kris. A few years ago, a friend of mine changed my life by telling me about dOrg, a DAO freelancer collective that provides software engineering and design services in the web3 space. That's how I first learned about web3 and the decentralized web. I joined dOrg, and I remain a member. Ethereum and the decentralized internet have been a huge part of my life ever since.

I am currently a software engineer at Polywrap, a web3-focused DAO that is building a new type of multi-platform SDK to make web3 integrations easy. All of our work is free and open source. I think we are doing something pretty amazing and I definitely want to promote it at EthIndia.

My colleague Niraj, who is also an engineer at Polywrap, told me about the EthIndia 2022 hackathon after I mentioned my wife and I would be spending some time traveling in India. EthIndia 2022 was my first and favorite Ethereum event. Niraj and I won some prizes together and had an incredible time. We want to return for EthIndia 2023 and are hoping to be joined by our colleagues Jordan and Emma as well!



Invoke Polywrap Wasm Wrappers on the fly, in the browser with Metamask snapsIPFS, MetaMask, Polywrap