Heejin Kim

I entered the world of Web3 shortly after graduating from college. It was during the DeFi summer when the mechanisms and concepts of DeFi were captivating enough to draw me into blockchain technology. As time went on, my desire to create my own product grew stronger, prompting me to leave my job and embark on my own project. Currently, I am intrigued by the idea of providing an IRL (In Real Life) event proof service using NFTs and RFID cards, particularly targeting niche markets such as K-pop and comic books. My aim is to offer these communities a completely new and immersive experience with my service while also driving mass adoption of Web3 technologies.



POKATIKA is a mobile application that enhances the post-event experience with unique NFT photo cards. Our goal is to provide an exclusive experience to users with zero-barrier onboarding to web3.0.IPFS, React, JavaScript, Java, REST API, AWS Lambda, Spring, AWS EC2, keypom, near-sdk-js


Project Mangement
Business Development
Interpersonal Communication