Kanav Gupta

Hello! I am Kanav. I am a research fellow at Microsoft Research India. I am currently conducting research on Secure MPC and its applications to Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning. I like the topic of cryptology a lot and I am always up to learning about novel applications of it in the practical world.

Apart from cryptology, I also like reverse engineering things and I participate a lot in CTFs. I have also won a few of them. I like to find novel vulnerabilities in modern applications by reverse-engineering them. Till now, I have not been able to find a groundbreaking bug.

Apart from these, I am exploring the world of web3.0 and blockchain through participating in multiple hackathons. I am fascinated by what the future holds for web 3.0.



Helping researchers take ownership of their ideas without making it public using Solana and NFTs.NFT, React.js, Chakra UI, Solana


low-maintenance Ethereum transaction hex decoder to natural language dialogueReact, TypeScript, Ethereum, Nodejs

SSS: Secure Semantic Snap

A MetaMask Snap that semantically understands the target contract bytecode of the transaction signed to save the user from malicious smart contracts.React, MetaMask, Selenium, Python, gpt-3, MetaMask Snaps, Panoramix


Machine Learning
Reverse Engineering


  • The Julia Language - GSoC 2019 Student
    May 2019 - August 2019

    Participated in GSoC 2019 with JuliaDiffEq, an organization devoted towards developing the package DifferentialEquations.jl. This package solves most forms of the differential equations in the most optimal way.
    Worked on project "Performance and General Fixes" to develop a toolkit to support the inclusion of different kinds of algorithms in a very optimal way.
    Mentored by Dr. Christopher Rackauckas and Yingbo Ma

  • Major League Hacking - MLH Fellow
    May 2020 - August 2020

    As part of the inaugural class of MLH Fellows, I contributed to Open Source projects with a team of Fellows under the educational mentorship of a professional software engineer.

  • MaidSafe - Intern
    February 2021 - April 2021

    Developed Self Encryption Tools for the SAFE Network, a distributed network/internet where people can host their websites and can guarantee ownership and non-editability by others.

  • Simula UiB - Research Assistant
    September 2020 - November 2020

    Studied Shortest Vector Problem(SVP) in Lattice based cryptography.
    Developed new algorithms for faster lattice enumeration using Obtuse Bases
    Tuning Sieving algorithms like SimHash, GaussSieve for speed using different tricks.

  • Microsoft Research - Research Fellow
    July 2021 - Present

    Working on EzPC, an end-to-end compiler for Secure Machine Learning algorithms from high level python-like code to a binary running MPC code
    Working on new protocols for realizing the functionalities of CNNs, DNNs and RNNs.