Palash Agrawal


I am Palash Agrawal and I am a Principal Engineer at Yahoo Sports (Verizon Media). Before joining Yahoo, I completed my Masters in Computer Science from UCLA. I am currently based in the Bay Area.

I have participated and won many hackathons in the past at UCLA and at my current company (a lot of which have shipped to production too).

I am primarily a Backend Engineer with experience in Data and Event Processing Systems, APIs, AWS, Kubernetes etc. More about me can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/agrawalpalash/.


Darth VDR - Virtual Data Room

Darth VDR allows computations on private data through proprietary algorithms in isolated virtual data rooms of a regulated entity without exposing the data or the algorithms to the opposite party.React, Node.js, Java, Docker, AWS Lambda, Python, AWS, PostgreSQL, Spring, AWS Fargate