Javier San Juan Pavon

I am Javier San Juan, CEO of Colección NFT a technology company specialized in creating web 3 projects related to NFTs, for big brands. I am good at the strategic part of the business, how to create new models through blockchain technology. Of course in managing teams and projects and I am also an expert in digital marketing and community creation with more than 4 years of experience. I would like to participate in the ETH hackathon in Barcelona, ​​first as a personal challenge, and secondly, being in my city I would love to be able to demonstrate the potential that we have in Barcelona in the web sector 3. I have participated in projects for the most important NGOs in Spain, projects with one of the main Spanish telecommunications company and we are underway with technological projects with international brands. At the hackathon I would like to work on a technological project related to NFT ticketing, but in a different way from how it has been focused so far.


Joy Journey; NFT Ticketing platform + Loyalty Dapp

Joy Journey is an NFT ticketing platform with a user friendly login (via 2.0) for the people that doesn't have knowledge about blockchain; and we offer to the organizers create a DApp to create experiSolidity, JavaScript, Next.js, React.js, Scroll


Product Management
Business Development
Growth Marketing and Marketing Digital