Ishaan Kakkar

"Building mobile apps for the next billion mobile first users" - this is what defines me in a nutshell.

I work as Product Engineer @ Atlan

I mostly work on building mobile applications and squeeze some time to learn about the world of devops and backend.

What drives me? - a product that solves problem for a set of users is all i need to get focused and excited!

Most complex projects: I am currently building a mobile app for offline data collection. Mobile databases are not meant to scale and build for performance but i am building a consistent and reliable application to collect quality data.

When free, I try to read tech blogs and work on open source. I am currently working on a core database solution for flutter (the new mobile framework in town!)

I am an admirer of clean code and love to architecture applications.

My tech stack is: Android, Flutter, little bit of JS and python.



Convert your smartphone into a microphone with enhanced empathy and intelligenceNode.js, Android




  • SocialCops - Software Engineer - II
    June 2017 - Present

    We are now Atlan! (

    Atlan is a data democratization company that helps data teams collaborate frictionlessly on data projects. We are creating a home for data teams—allowing them to truly democratize both internal and external data while automating repetitive tasks.

    I work on Collect, an offline data collection app that works for both iOS and Android.