Guna Shekar Proddaturi

I am a keen blockchain enthusiast and I am avidly exploring the technology at the moment. I'm fairly experienced in developing Decentralised Applications using Solidity, React and web3 on the Ethereum Blockchain.

I have experience in MERN stack development and multi platform mobile application development using React Native. I'm also interested in competitive coding and enhancing my knowledge in data structures and algorithms.

While I'm off of my computer, I love spending my time playing the guitar and football.



Protect Crime Records and Citizens using a single application with the help of Blockchain and Deep Learning.IPFS, React, TensorFlow, OpenCV, Deep Learning, Matic, Web2py, Convolutional neural network (CNN)


Control Panel Application to secure people as well as crime recordsSolidity, IPFS, React, TensorFlow, Keras, Deep Learning, Python, Matic, Web2py, YOLOv3 Algorithm

Secure Store

An asymmetric key encryption based results publishing and a blockchain based verification system.Node.js, Matic, MongoDB, Blockchain, React.js


A Quadratic Funding and CLR matching based grants platformReact, Tezos, SmartPy, Taquito, Thanos wallet




React Native


  • Zubi - Software Developer Intern
    November 2019 - Present
    • Designed the system architecture and developed several microservices using Node.js and MongoDB, providing a seamless experience to over 25,000 registered users.
    • Developed and integrated User Interfaces using React.js and React Native, with
      Redux for state management.
  • Tezos India Foundation - Blockchain Fellow
    August 2020 - September 2020
    • Worked in the field of Decentralized Finance on a Quadratic Funding Application
      backed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
    • Developed a smart contract for the Quadratic Funding scheme using Smartpy.
    • Implemented a User Interface using React.js and integrated it with the smart contract
      using Taquito library and Thanos wallet.
  • Aurora, ABV-IIITM Gwalior - MERN Stack Developer
    October 2019 - February 2020
    • Developed APIs using Node.js for the website of Aurora’20, central India’s largest
      cultural fest, with 4000+ registered users.
    • Designed and Implemented a no-SQL database using MongoDB.
    • Used GraphQL to integrate React based UI with the server.