Geetansh Atrey

Hey there! So I am a final year undergraduate student pursuing Bachelors of Technology at KIIT University in Computer Science & Engineering. More importantly, I am an ardent lover of technology and innovations. And that is what drives me to work on upcoming technologies.

Till now I have had a few experiences working in the field of Mobile App Development on Android using Java and iOS using Swift. I am very passionate about creating innovative solutions to millions of problems that we face in our daily lives to such an extent, in which we are not even able to recognise them.

I am also very interested in the field of Blockchain and have been exploring the same since last 1 year or so. I have understood the basics of Bitcoin architecture and also had a few basic experiences working on Ethereum using Solidity (for Smart Contracts), ReactJS and web3JS. But I just have very basic amount of knowledge on all these concepts and thus want to broaden my horizon and work with the other fellows and mentors in this program and learn about Blockchain and Ethereum Development. I am also a keen believer in the power of UI/UX. I have basic knowledge of working with Adobe XD and Sketch for developing User Interfaces for Mobile Apps.

My programming knowledge includes C/C++, Java, Python, Swift, and JavaScript. Thus I am really looking forward to this programme and make it a wonderful learning experience.



Implementing a modified version of famous English game - "Scrabble" on Web 3.0 using NFTs, with rewards for winners.Solidity, Chainlink, NFT, Smart Contracts, React.js

CryptoPortfolio (along with Safer Loans)

One stop solution for Crypto Portfolio of users who get to see all their investments at one place. Also, by using Credit Scores users are divided into 3 different risk pools for giving/taking loans.Solidity, Matic, Ethereum, web3.js, Portis, React.js, Covalent


iOS Development
Blockchain Development


  • Health Click Away - Android Developer Intern
    June 2020 - September 2020
    • Contributed to various sections and features of the HealthClickAway and HealthClickAway Coach Apps mainly on the Front-End Side.
    • Major work included : Integration of a variety of libraries, open source and custom APIs, and designing of various sections of HCA and HCA Coach Apps using front-end Android UI elements.
  • Institute For Plasma Research - Software Developer Intern
    May 2020 - June 2020
    • Worked as a Java Dynamic Web Application Developer.
    • The project title : “Development of generalized software module for various
      database operations as per application requirements”.
    • Main tasks for the work included implementing CRUD operations in Java, managing the database on MySQL and managing the networking between these two using JSP.
  • Teceads - Android Developer Intern
    February 2020 - March 2020
    • Managed complex Android projects from start to finish.
    • Client based work and apps.
  • VMware - Intern
    June 2021 - November 2021
    • Working in the OCTO (Office of the CTO).
  • Devfolio - EIF 2.0 Fellow
    February 2021 - April 2021
    • The Ethereum India Fellowship 2.0 is the second edition of an initiative by Devfolio to up skill Web2 developers and enable them to make the transition to Web3 using Ethereum, while providing a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem.
    • The fellowship is sponsored by the Ethereum Foundation.