Karol Huertas

I have participated as a hacker at ETH San Francisco, ETH Denver, and also at ETH Porto. I enjoy creating software solutions that involve various web3 protocols. I consider myself a learner of web3. I have worked as a web developer for several years, both in non-crypto projects and in the crypto space. Outside of crypto, I am particularly proud of a project I worked on for a logistics company that involved building a web application to manage their inventory and streamline their supply chain. I also worked on an e-commerce platform for a local business, which was a great opportunity to learn more about online payments and security measures.
In the crypto space, I have worked on several projects, including a decentralized exchange and a lending platform. These projects were exciting because they allowed me to learn more about blockchain technology and its potential for disrupting traditional finance. I have also worked on a few smaller projects, such as creating smart contracts and integrating various wallets into web applications.
Overall, I am passionate about web development and enjoy working on projects that push the boundaries of what is possible with technology.


DEVOW: Decentralized Vowing

Devow is a crowdfunding platform designed to support women entrepreneurs by providing them a supportive ecosystem to raise funds for their startup ventures.Solidity, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, nextjs, Hardhat, Ethers, TailWindCSS, RainbowKit