Ayan Choudhary

I was first introduced to the world of coding through web development in HTML. Since then I have developed a love interest for this field, where I love experimenting with large blocks of code or making something new completely from scratch. For me coding has become synonymous to relaxation with me always being in my comfort whenever I have something to code. Still I always strive to learn something new, develop something extraordinary completely from scratch and make my mark in this computing era through some groundbreaking development. I have always felt that developing something be a simple web application or something as useful as a new library is what I have knack for. There was something majestic in this which kept puling me towards it.
Coming out of school when I was introduced to this ever expanding realm of knowledge I was instantly ready to submerge myself in that vast ocean and become a part of it. As many people I too started from level zero making my way through those basic HTML/CSS sessions, through the phases of PHP to the point where I was able to able to learn and develop applications on complex libraries of Node.js, Python or even Java. Overtime I mastered skills of android and web development and learnt the latest developmental practices of using ReactJs, Django or be MongoDB. Slowly I made a firm on the latest cutting edge technologies to make sure I don't get behind in this ever-moving world of dynamic computing. I feel I have a very good knowledge of frontend and backend development for both web and android platforms and I feel I am quite good at understanding and developing application architectures be it the MVC, MVP or the Microservice architecture, it was easy for me to master these architectures and apply them in my projects. Hence due to these factors I feel quite confident aout my coding skills.



Minting NFTs for music is now easier than creating oneNFT, Solana, metaplex




  • Creative Commons - Google Summer of Code, Student
    May 2020 - August 2020

    I was responsible for internationalizing the CC Search website and also made significant accessibility improvements to the website.