Sooyoung Lee

I have a background in web, application and web server development, with experience building and maintaining websites for various users. One project that I'm particularly proud of is a cross-platform mobile application that I created for high school students in South Korea. The application broke down the exam questions into multiple OX quizzes, making it easier for students to learn on the go. I've developed and launched a variety of services before, but I'm most proud of this project because I've gotten so many positive responses from students who used the app and said it actually helped them pass.
I'd love to create services like this in Web3, where we can help people in their daily lives and actually give an economic benefit.



Solution to “Why(Wi) DeFi?” An all-in-one dApp with a seamless experience in exploring, investing in various DeFi opportunities without the need to leave the dApp even once.Solidity, AWS Lambda, ethers.js, Connext, TypeScript, The Graph, Uniswap, nest.js, React.js, Hardhat


Leverage or Hedge UniswapV3 based positions using Lending Protocols(Spark, AAVE, LineaBank) to maximize profits and mitigate Impermanent Loss and enjoy a super smooth UX in a single application.ethers.js, Figma, TypeScript, React.js, Hardhat, TailWindCSS, waffle, TypeChain, DeFi Protocol contracts(UniswapV3|Spark|AAVE|LineaBank)