Hemant Pandey

My name is Hemant and I’m a software developer new to the city. I have worked in different jobs related to backend development and microservices and have been learning through freelancing for the better part of the last half decade.

My interest in blockchains started off as a cryptocurrency investor rather than a builder but I’ve slowly grown to learn and understand the why of the hype andthe fundamental philosophies that shape this community. I have experience with solidity development and made the major project for my B.Tech as a dapp on Ethereum. It was a novel idea, taking from existing protocols like Polyswarm to adapt the idea of information confidentiality market to the competitive exams framework in India. Mouthful to explain here but glad to share over coffee or email. I worked with a consultancy to develop a centralised exchange once and had a small role, mostly observing another gig where they forked their own version of solana with some extra bits. Got to learn a lot more about solana and the accounts model there as well.

Other than that I’m just another excited guy hoping to meet new like minded people in Bangalore.




minimal marketplceReact


Unlock the power of on-chain data with iPhone screen widgets and a marketplace of customizable insightsSwift, Machine Learning, iOS, Python, Big Data, API, Widgets




  • Nutanix - Member of Technical Staff
    July 2022 - Present

    Working with managed microservices platform team. Building core infrastructure for the transition from monolith to microservice architecture within the org.