Cedric van de Graaff

I have the privilege of being a co-founder of Somnio/Metafuse, two entities that have had a significant impact in the burgeoning field of Web3 technology. My journey in this industry has spanned several years and has been marked by numerous technological breakthroughs and milestones. Throughout this period, I have had the unique opportunity to witness first-hand the extraordinary growth and potential of Web3.

My technical background is quite diverse and thorough. I have several years of experience in both frontend and backend development, which grants me a well-rounded perspective in the construction and operation of comprehensive systems. Notably, I also possess extensive expertise in native development, a skill that has empowered me to create and optimize software specifically designed for a particular platform.

In addition to my technological accomplishments, I have a solid background in investment management and financial modeling. This foundation has been instrumental in guiding strategic decisions for the firms I've been involved with and understanding the economic ramifications of these decisions.

Interestingly, my experiences are not limited to the world of technology and finance. I am also a veteran of the film and music industries, having been involved in numerous successful projects over the years. This has given me a unique blend of creative and technical acumen, which I believe sets me apart in the increasingly convergent fields of media and technology.

Over the years, these myriad experiences have not only helped shape my perspective and approach but also greatly enriched my ability to innovate and lead. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to apply these learned skills and insights into such dynamic and rapidly evolving fields.


Pitstop Protocol

Pitstop Protocol Empowers Developers to Build Interactive, Immersive, and Blockchain-Powered Fantasy Sports Games with Web3, Real-Time Data, and User-Owned Assets.Solidity, ERC20, ERC721A, Metafuse API, Oracle Smart Contract