Ayan Dutta

I am love learning and working on new things. The joy of achieving/completing/doing something difficult, to me, is second to none. I always strive to improve myself to do better than what I have done in the past. Two of the most complex projects I have worked on are a real-time image recognition based Automatic Attendance System and a handwriting to text converter for digitising scanned copies of handwritten notes. The projects haven't been completed yet. I also have many other smaller projects. From all my projects, I have learnt that no matter how foolproof we think our plans are, problems are bound to crop up and for successfully executing anything, all problems must be sorted out and backing out is never an option.


Shadow Fighters VR

This is a VR based boxing game, where the user's pose is mapped using a webcam and he can fight a AI enhanced boxing robot in the virtual world.Flask, Unity, Posenet, Google VR SDK




  • NRI Financial Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. - Associate Software Engineer Intern
    September 2019 - Present