Diya Karmakar

I am a self-taught UX designer and intermediate flutter developer with some experience in web development. I love exploring new things and like taking on new challenges that inspire me to make an impact on the people around me.

I am also a team person that likes working with people of different backgrounds as it opens up new doors of perspective for me and also for them, let the record show that I am also an NCC Cadet, which inculcated the habit of discipline, team spirit, and grittiness in me.

I love UI/UX design, especially the 'design thinking ' process as it teaches me about human behavior and is also applicable in the real world too.

I also like coding and love working on development projects. On that note, I made a website that provides a video calling experience for blind people. It has text to speech feature that reads out the text for them, it also has an emotion detection feature that tells us what the user is experiencing(sad, angry, happy, and neutral) and also has a voice assistance feature that reads out the website so that they can navigate the web with ease.

I made this project keeping in mind to provide a platform for blind people to enter the world of the digital age. And I also believe that in the near future all the differently-abled people will be able to access the internet with ease because there was someone out there to look out for them. Someone like me, Diya Karmakar



Want to get rid of coding hassle forever? Why not CodeTogether!!Django, Next.js, Heroku, WebSockets, Figma, Tailwind CSS, Vercel, Ace editor, Framer Motion, Vonage


Together, We can end Hunger!Django, Next.js, Figma, Tailwind CSS


UI/UX Designing
HTML, CSS , bootstrap