Ajmal Siddiqui

I'm a full stack JS developer, DevOps and Automation Engineer, and data science enthusiast who lives in the terminal and spreads tech by conducting workshops and blogging about it!

I'm an avid hackathon enthusiast, having won multiple accolades at various hackathons, the most recent one being the Best UI/UX Award and the First Prize in ACM Code2Create '19, where we built a visual learning platform for autistic children.

I was also among the 20 attendees from India in HackHarvard 2018 - the annual hackathon of Harvard University. There is no environment that is as fun, as productive and as appealing to me as a hackathon.

I love being involved with the technical community. Not only have I conducted various technical workshops on campus - including a premium intercollegiate workshop on AR/VR during graVITas '18 (the annual VIT tech fest) - but I also have a Medium tech blog where I write about geeky things like JS syntax and dotfile management. My articles have been published in some of the most reputed technical publications, including freeCodeCamp, the largest tech publication on Medium, and the popularity of my work has landed me a spot on the first page of Google!

Being a college student and self taught developer, I have worked on many interesting academic, industrial and hackathon projects. Some of them are:

  • Sankshep: A system that can summarise anything from a body of text to a YouTube video using the TextRank algorithm. I made a REST API for summarisation using gensim and Flask, and an Alexa skill using Node and Mongo. This was one of the most complex projects I've ever worked on, and it drew upon some of the most diverse elements of my skillset. Our project won the Best UI Implementation Award in CodeSpace 2018.
  • Project VU: Backend dev for Project VU, which brought interaction between students and the college to the phone . Had 2000+ downloads on the App Store and Play Store with active users.
  • Automated IVR Interaction System: A system that automatically traverses the IVR tree of a service provider for you, thus taking the frustration out of IVR based customer care.

I've been exploring the fundamentals of many new technologies such as AR/VR, Blockchain, etc., and I can't think of a way better than applying them in a hack to get comfortable with them! Thus, I don't let any participation opportunity in a hack go to waste.



The New Skill EconomySolidity, Agora.io


Monogatari: Stories for Us. A system that takes a single line prompt and generates a full short story, complete with pictures to accompany it, from it.HTML, CSS, JS, Flask, Google Colab