Vismay Joshi

I'm currently contributing as a core contributor(DAO Financial Strategist) at the *Edgeware DAO. The Edgeware DAO(https://www.edgeware.io/), is the world's second Substrate based blockchain(first being Kusama), and was launched with **full democracy at initiation, as a governance experiment back in 2020. Edgeware, actually *shares its community with *Ethereum, as EDG(Edgeware's governance and utility token) was *lock-dropped(a concept invented by Edgeware) to Ethereum stakers at initiation. Presently Edgeware is a chain DAO, having its own blockchain which has been active since *February 2020. Currently, the DAO funds numerous initiatives via the **on-chain treasury, which is sustained by maintaining a balance between inflation and treasury spending. *Kabocha, a para-chain completely funded by the Edgeware treasury, recently won the Kusama Para-chain auctions and will be going live soon.
Coming to my contributions, as a DFS(DAO Financial Strategist) team member I currently contribute in many forms and shapes. One of them being, the fortnightly financial reports(*DAO Financial Bulletin) related to the EDG token. Additionally, we also recently started providing *in-house market making services for the EDG token. This was a role upgrade for the DFS team , which was approved by the community *via an on-chain proposal([https://gov.edgewa.re/discussion/7084-made-2-measure-a-guide-on-mkt-making-and-dfs-team-role-upgrade-proposal]). Our long term goal, is to complete the ongoing activity of *governance parameter optimization and to *design a sustainable burning mechanism(like Ethereum) for the EDG token. I also contribute in the form of *proposal benchmarking(financial domain), for all the proposals which are posted on the governance forum.
In addition to this, I'm also an active community member of the Edgeware DAO, voicing my opinion on proposals and providing feedback to proposers as well as actively participate in on-chain governance through voting. Recently, we also started building a derivatives based defi protocol to be deployed on the Edgeware blockchain in the coming months.
Considering all my above mentioned contributions, I truly believe that I can definitely add value to the ETH India event and to my peers attending the event, through the knowledge which I have attained through my journey till date in the WEB3.0 ecosystem.

Edgeware Website: https://www.edgeware.io/
Edgeware governance forum: https://gov.edgewa.re/discussions
DAO Financial Bulletin: https://blog.edgewa.re/edg-dao-financial-bulletin-second-fortnight-of-october/



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