Vincent Owen Toniwan

My name is Vincent Owen Toniwan and i'm 20 years old.I came from a country called Indonesia and i'm a software engineering student studying in Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation in Malaysia. My hobby during free time is to read books , play games and also programming.I humped to programming since i was in high school coz i saw programming more to a tool to build things with such as lego where i can just build freely. I love doing programming and learning new fields in technology and web3 is one of the eye catching for me since i jump into this space. My first hackathon on web3 was on ETHOnline where i learn a lot about this web3 ecosystem and start building Dapp which is now one of the project i'm proud to announce since it win prizes during the hackathon. Ever since that day i started wanting to explore and join more of this web3 world and learn more to get much more understanding and i can help the ecosystem itself to grow by building more and more.


Badge Protocol Membership

Privacy preserving protocol issuing soulbound tokens to better recognize and reward community membersSolidity, TypeScript, foundry, Circom, Zero Knowledge, worldcoin




  • Ethereum - Operations Associate
    July 2022 - Present