Srinivas R Pai

Technology and its percolating impact is something that has fascinated me since I was little and making sure that this impact is meaningfully affected is what drives me. Solving problems seemingly unnoticed which impacts people often neglected or overlooked is an area I have a great passion for, and truly inclusive technology is what I hope such efforts will bring about.

One of the most complex projects I have worked on was a project which I and a few of my friends took up as one of our hackathon projects, it was a project to build a health care ecosystem for elderly people. This project was especially challenging as we had to intuitively understand their needs and make sure that they actually remained with the ecosystem and did not stray away. This project was important to me as elderly people are a growing and increasingly technologically adept demographic yet their needs are greatly overlooked by the solution makers of today. Working on this project gave me a deeper perspective on our society on the needs of the elderly and how we can relate to them. I also became better at Django and react making the project a reality.

I am an enthusiastic person always looking for interesting, impactful projects and problems to solve. Understanding how to achieve this impact and efficiently analyzing a problem is something I feel I'm good at and technology is the tool I use to exercise this impact and shape its reach.


WhackD Bot

Bad things happen. Sometimes, they happen to you. If something does happen, you might have had secrets or revelations you wanted to share with the world. We provide a secure way to do it.Infura, AWS, MongoDB Atlas, Web3js, Telegraf, Slate


Using liquidation to protect traders against market volatility and correlation risksTensorFlow, NumPy, pandas


React Native