Sebastian Zambrano Arango

I am Sebastian Zambrano Arango, I have always been very curious and an enthusiast about technology. That lead me to discover Blockchain on 2021 and since then start learning about how the technology works, and as I loved it's capabilities and functionalities, I decided I will dedicate to it.

With an school background of C language, I started learning Solidity on my own with all the resources that there are out there, completed several courses and realized I needed to learn more than Solidity if I wanted to dedicate to it, it was there when I learned about security and optimization in Solidity and more Languages and tools for being a Web3 Fullstack Developer such as Javascript and React with NextJs. And for testing all what I have learned I am building a protocol on my own which is in it's MVP phase right now.

Lately I have been paying attention to AIs and figuring out how to use them in my daily study and coding sessions to improve my efficiency.


Safe Donations

Decentralized plataform for donating to persons in a verified situation of need.Solidity, The Graph, Nodejs, nextjs, Hardhat, Safe, Endaoment, Tests




  • EtherMail - Web3llstack Developer
    March 2023 - Present

    The possibility of learning an growing in this company is something that I will always be grateful for.

    Being working with an amazing product focusing on the purpose of the underlaying technology is something that I always desired when getting into Blockchain and EtherMail made me feel like that.

    The mixture of the constant practice of Web3 and Web2 technology made all of my knowledge settle and build one that I did not have before.