Sarvottam Kumar Mishra

I am currently doing my bachelors in Computer Science Engineering.
My Interests are quite vast, professionally and academically I've been interested in Crypto both from finance and tech POV, I've studied and written vast materials related to Crypto-Blockchain and did my internship in Blockchain Consultancy Firm Initially as a Marketing intern and got promoted to research analyst, I research and analyse the market, the data, the technology related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
I'm also a Content Writer on and where I write about stuff related to Blockchain technology or Cryptocurrencies as news, educational content, reviews etc.


Metaplex: A complete fullstack solution for Web3

Metaplex is a blockchain-powered platform that enables salary disbursement, loans, and virtual office spaces,concerts,NFT Ticketing all within a metaverse built on a game engine.Solidity, Node.js, ethers.js, Blender, Unreal Engine, TypeScript, React.js, IPFS / Filecoin, Mass AI, Nanite


Product Management
Predictive Modelling
Research Analyst