Rishikant Chigrupaatii

I am a research enthusiast, a software engineer, and above all a curious, quick and versatile learner driven to make an impact.
As an undergraduate researcher, I have worked in the domain of NLP as well as Machine Unlearning aiming to mitigate bias in
language models, and champion safe, secure, and robust ML practices aligned with responsible AI. I find the idea of firstly
identifying and defining the problem and secondly coming up with something innovative and out of the ordinary to tackle it,
very satisfying and rewarding, thus my love for research.
As a comp. sci and engg. student, I work on implementing practical solutions for interesting problems. On this quest, I've
learned technologies from ML frameworks to Frontend, to Backend, to Databases, the works. I have also picked up excellent
problem solving skills through competitive programming and have a firm grasp on Data Structures and Algorithms.

I have a strong passion for participating in hackathons and have achieved notable success in various competitions. This includes securing the second place in the Microsoft Open AI hackathon and earning a bronze medal at the Inter-IIT Tech Meet




Fix issues before your users complain!TypeScript, OpenAi, Apache Kafka, DevRev Snap-In, Python (FastAPI)


Competitive Programming
Software Engineering