Puncar Jan Brezina

Founder of Peerwork, co-founder of Bankless Consulting and DAO Governance Collective, and co-author of How to DAO book (2023).

In the blockchain space from 2017, I shifted my focus from financial services innovation to blockchain and web3. I have been working on supply-chain management, ZKP products and recently switched focus to governance, incentive mechanisms and mental health protections.

I love to build cool things and launch new projects and hackathons are great way how I can support many builders.



Empowering Local Communities: Share, Invest, Thrive. Peer Up: Decentralized resource sharing, P2P tools & equipment lending, yield farming, activism, and governance.AAVE, The Graph, Gnosis Chain, Graph, EF: Account Abstraction, Optimism, BASE, zkSync


Product Management