Prerna Ubana

Want to explore new technologies with a problem solving ability and with a curious mind and hackathon is the best place for exploring.


Mind Development

This project includes 10 mind games which are captivating and yet easy to play. It improves our overall development of the brain and strengthens concentration,focus and quick reflex to surroundings.JavaScript, CSS3, CSS Animation, HTML5​

Plant Care

There is a chatbot present in our website which helps users take of their plants.JavaScript, Flask, Python, Firestore, HTML/CSS, RestAPIs


Space Quest: Explore our solar system, planets, black holes, and more. With GSAP and stunning shader effects, embark on an immersive cosmic adventure. Discover the wonders of space with this Project.JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Shaders, CSS Animation, GSAP


Android Developement