Madhav Bahl

A cadet by nature and a developer by passion, an open source contributor (, I have been mentoring many students who want to learn programming, development and recent technologies. Being an active part of many communities, also through my own tech community, Logic Xcution, I have been contributing to make the youth of this world well versed with programming.

In the direction of making the youth well versed with technology and programming, I am currently forming my community (CodeToExpress), here are some of the links for details of the same: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Medium:

I am a full stack developer stepping into Machine Learning, AI and NLP. The passion of doing something good for society, helping others and developing useful products acts as the fire which ignites my soul and drives me to continue doing what I am supposed to do.

The most complex project I have worked on was the project I did as a part of my summer internship at General Motors. The project titled, "Unified Model Dashboard Development using MATLAB with NodeJS" was basically a vehicle simulation software with backend running on MATLAB and Simulink, and frontend (initially on MATLAB itself) was made independent of MATLAB, developed using web frontend frameworks like ElectronJS, and HTML, CSS, JS, and Canvas. I learned a lot while making that project, including MATLAB, Simulink, concepts like S-Functions and C Mex S Functions, Canvas, production-level application on NodeJS, and full-stack desktop application using NodeJS and ElectronJS.

Another complex real-world project that I worked on was my internship project in Microsoft where I had to make a web application for their existing android application from scratch. The technologies I used were

  • ReactJS
  • Android (Java)
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Azure SignalR

Moreover, I have been doing many projects, some as the part of my curriculum, some for practice and some for hackathons. I have pushed almost all of my projects to GitHub, Link to my GitHub profile is: My Portfolio Website: Some Of My Projects: 1. Apple Developers Group, official website -- 2. App-A-Thon Judging Portal -- (GitHub-- 3. App-A-Thon Website -- 4. Team Falcons Website -- 5. Project Sankshep -- 6. ADG recruitment portal 2k18 7. Think Incognito -- 9. Jeevanam - IoT based water conservation system, 10. Medico - Patient Management System 11. Markdown to pdf converter Currently working on - 12. Books tracking application for avid readers 13. Internet usage tracking desktop application

Hackathons are a great way for learning and implementing new technologies and at the same time building something useful. Therefore, I am an active participant in hackathons. I code because I am driven by the passion of making something useful, and hackathons are a perfect stage for giving life to ideas, and hence I would like to attend this hackathon.



Smart real-time monitoring system for drivers of commercial vehicles.Bootstrap, Node.js, TensorFlow, OpenCV, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT)


The New Skill EconomySolidity,


Vanilla JS


  • VIT Vellore - Student
    July 2016 - Present

    Student at VIT Vellore