Dantu Sai Kamal

Hi, I'm Sai kamal. I'm a Full Stack Developer 🚀 from Hyderabad, India. I'm a pre-final year student contributing to various open-sourced projects and working on quite a few personal projects. I'm also part of multiple start-up companies aiming high 🌟

I'm interested in Web Development, Mobile App Development, Machine learning and Data Science.

Beside programming, I got a penchant for writing!

Check out my Portfolio at https://dantusaikamal.github.io/

Find out more about me at:


Super Pay

DeFi payment gateway for streaming money paymentsReact, Superfluid, Polygon, Supabase, Quicknode, Push Protocol, Arcana SDk

Healthify x Hack Solstice

Healthify is mobile application that predicts the risk of heart stroke through fitness trackers and advanced machine learning algorithms, providing real-time alerts and potentially saving lives.TensorFlow, Flutter, Twilio, Google Fit API, Render (Hosting), Mi Band (Hardware), Node.js (Backend), Geolocator, Google-translator-API

Leaf Disease Identification

About 40 per cent of the world’s agricultural crops that are worth over $70 billion annually are lost to pests each year. Hence, we came up with a solution called Leaf Disease Identification.TensorFlow, Heroku, Flutter, Google Translate API


Machine Learning
App Development
MERN Stack
UI/UX Designing


  • Google DSC - Lead
    August 2021 - August 2022

    • Conducted hands-on workshops and sessions on Web Development, Docker, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Cloud, Git.
    • Part of 250 students from India that were selected as Google Developer Students Clubs lead in 2021.
    • Established a technical community in the college and built various open-source projects.

  • HFIL Technologies Pvt Ltd - Swecha
    June 2020 - July 2020

    • Built an Operating System for Engineering colleges in the state of Telangana that comes pre-installed with all the software an Engineer of any majors would require.
    • The Operating System is based on Linux kernel and is made open-sourced in order to encourage other students contribute to the Operating System and learn more about Operating Systems.

  • Quriverse - Full Stack Developer, Intern
    November 2020 - July 2021

    • Led the Development team of a Start-up that focuses on Electric vehicle charging stations and smart energy meters.
    • Built cross platform scalable mobile applications using flutter and deployed the data pipelines on AWS EC2, and Azure instances.
    • Designed UI wireframes for the applications using Figma and also documentation for the applications.
    • Improved the response time of applications by over 800 milliseconds, using advanced frameworks, data structures, caching mechanism and optimized code in order to reduce the number of queries to the database.

  • Quriverse - Software Development Engineering Intern
    September 2022 - April 2023

    • Overhauled the UI for Quriverse React.js application, which is India's first interactive community platform.
    • Integrated Live streaming platform with 100ms live and nest.js. Built REST APIs, Websockets for handling dynamic requests in real time.
    • Handled queries from Django backend and hosted react.js application on AWS Amplify, Database in AWS RDS and Backend in AWS Beanstalk. Also used Amazon S3, EC2 instances, ECS and built CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions.
    • Solved critical production issues and built robust microservices.
    • Working on designing and development of an interactive live streaming application in flutter.