Rosemarie Cynthia Gliga

I am the Community Manager of Cartesi, responsible for leading online community outreach and managing over 100,000k members across various platforms, including Telegram, Reddit, and 10 language-specific communities worldwide. Prior to joining Cartesi, I worked as a Community Growth Specialist and Content Creator at Innovion, contributing to different blockchain projects. My journey in community work began in 2017 with Girl Gone International, where I led a local chapter of a women-expat community recognized as one of the 100 most meaningful Facebook communities with over 10 million social media followers. Transitioning into the web3 space, I served as a Community Manager and social media marketer for That Crypto Hustle, growing the social media community to over 15,000 participants. With experience in Communication and PR, I became one of the first Meta Certified Community Managers in the world and have completed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate from the University of South Florida. Since 2018, I have been dedicated to supporting blockchain projects by scaling communities and growing social media engagement.


Safe Donations

Decentralized plataform for donating to persons in a verified situation of need.Solidity, The Graph, Nodejs, nextjs, Hardhat, Safe, Endaoment, Tests


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