Banshaj Paudel

I am a developer with a strong background in Python and Solution Development. I have specialization in Backend Development and Business Development. I am also an Asia-Regional finalist in "Seeds for the Future", a CSR event of Huawei, where we represented Nepal, along with 15 other countries from the Asia-Pacific Region. We visited Thailand and further proceeded to attend an Accelerator Camp in Singapore after winning the "Tech4Good Competition" in Thailand.

I have always been fascinated by incredible technological innovations. I had a fervent interest in ICT since I was 10 when I was evaluating and solving issues on digital devices. Talking specifically about technologies is a vast subject. So, narrowing it, I have a particular interest in cloud, Metaverse, security, and AI. In this field, there are many subdomains, but these are some that have eluded my attention.


Healthy Minds

Healthy minds is an AI powered project which is used to detect Alzheimer's Disease(AD). It uses MRI scan results to identify AD. The main goal of our project is "Leading towards a healthier tomorrow"IPFS, TensorFlow, Docker, GitHub, Express.js, .NET, Keras CNN, FastAPI, React.js


Our project idea is to use machine learning for audio classification and detect sounds of chainsaw, fire, weapons to recognise activities like illegal logging, poaching and forest fire.JavaScript, Machine Learning, HTML/CSS, Google Teachable Machine


A smart goggles that detects it's surrounding through camera-fed AI model that informs the user with very low or no eyesight,React, Firebase, C++, Python, Replit, NanoDetPlus, Raspberry Pi 4, USB Webcam, Wireless Earphones


Product Development
Business Development