Mohammad Ansah

I'm a btech fresher at SVNIT Surat. Computer science has been my passion since my 4th grade. I began my programming journey then with scratch. I enjoyed making games. Later, i began doing projects in HTML and explore my interest in web development.

It was then AI, ML and other innovative topics got hit. I didn't waste my time and transitioned quickly. I did many courses on ML and data science from various online learning platforms like sololearn, edx, skillsbuild.

I did Quantum computing course from QXQ and Qiskit summer school, conducted by IBM. After that, i contributed to IBM's Qiskit. I became localisation lead for Qiskit Malayalam. I also became a Qiskit advocate, elite group of Qiskit community. I took my professional Qiskit Certification too.

My interests are in management and innovations. I love to lead a team towards a project, because there's nothing impossible if you have a team.

I'm also interested in real world problem solving.



It's a VSCODE extension that eases the workflow of the developer with various tools made available in VS-Code.VSCODE, Vonage


Machine Learning
Data Science
Project Mangement
Quantum Computing