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I am currently building

Some of the projects I have worked on:

  1. Noodles - Decentralized Streaming Application
    ( (Solidity, React, Javascript, IPFS)
    Streamers can create generative NFT for their viewers using users’ on‐chain data and get subscriptions via money streams (superfluid). Streamers data are stored on the Ethereum blockchain using NFT’s and IPFS. Viewers NFTS are given without paying gas on Polygon Network. Won at ETHglobal NFThack 2022 for ENS, Covalent, IPFS and NFTPort (Jan 2022)

  2. Hazel- Saas which helps build, train and ship custom deep learning models using a simple visual interface as a rest API to your app. Drag and drop UI allows users to generate deep learning models on the fly.
    Bagged 1st position at headout hackathon.

  3. GetSh*tDone- A last min exam preparation social network that helps reduce video watch time ~20%, summarise blogs and convert handwritten notes to text. The video editing tool processes video to rush by pauses and focus on important content only.
    Secured 3rd position at wmn hackathon.

  4. Anna Assistant- A community-driven ambitious virtual assistant on google chrome to automate 20+ tasks via voice. #3 Product of the day in Product hunt.

  5. SellYo - A central government-funded project which allows users to buy and sell physical goods within people they know.

  6. Pelican- A google chrome extension to make Facebook more minimal and focused. The minimal mode supports only timeline and chats while focus mode replaces the timeline with new quote every time.



Get that dream VC FundingFlask, TensorFlow


Last Minute jugaadBootstrap, Flask, Natural language processing (NLP), OCR, FFmpeg


Edit Audio like text


Integrating Socket to bridge assets on PerpReact, ethers.js, Tailwind CSS

Feature Monkey

Feature Monkey - a user feedback collection SaaS to help companies build what users want.Django, JavaScript, Bulma, django-templates

Feature Monkey

A community-driven feedback tracker for web3jQuery, Django, Bulma, ethers.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Tailwind CSS


GPT-based discord bot for your web3 communitiesAAVE, OpenAi, FastAPI, Graph,, langchain, ethereumRPC