Aditya Rajauria

I am Aditya Rajauria. I am interested in web development and I have plenty of knowledge of html and css. I also do programming mostly in Java language. I also know Python and C.


PocketFund - A Decentralized Crowdfunding platform

PocketFund is a decentralized web3 platform making use of the verbwire API to provide an open platform for innovative organisations aimed at providing social good.Solidity, Tailwind CSS, Vite, third web, Verbwire api

GST Calculator

It is a Imformative website in GST - Goods and Service Tax of India which educates people about GST and Helps them to calculate GST with relevent inputs like rate price and gives output of GST charge.JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5​, formsubmit


Machine Learning
Information Security
Web Designing
Google Cloud