Athul Sanjose

I'm an IoT and Blockchain enthusiast, with some handy web development skills too.
I enjoy working as a team and love to attend hackathons as I'm able to work on cool project ideas and learn new technologies due to the enriched environment of awesome fellow hackers.
In my very first hackathon, my team made a Smart Street Lights System project and were selected among the top 7 teams there.

Since then, I've participated in various national and international level hackathons and have clinched prizes and grants for numerous projects.

What drives me is fascination about technology and the will to learn and share knowledge about it.


Stark_IoT SSLS

A street light functioning optimiser using IoT and also serving as a traffic data analyser.Bootstrap, JavaScript, Flask, Arduino Uno, Arduino IDE, Python, Bolt IOT, Mailgun API

Fund-a-Dev Forum

An inclusive ethereum-based project funding and promotion platform dApp for developers to uphold diversity in tech and eliminate any kind of discrimination.Solidity, React, Ganache CLI, CSS, MetaMask, Ethereum, React Router, web3.js, Truffle Suite


Where IOT meets Blockchain. Hercules is an IoT-powered Home-Automation System with a Blockchain-based Electricity consumption analysis, billing and payment mechanism.Solidity, Bootstrap, React, Matic, Web3, Ethereum, Blockchain, Bolt IOT, Truffle Suite


A decentralized platform to conduct public opinion polls legitimately by leveraging the power of blockchain while enhancing awareness on crucial public matters and ensuring diversity of opinion.Solidity, IPFS, React, Matic, Web3, Ethereum, Portis, XinFin, Truffle Suite


Be notified of important cricket match updates without losing focus on your studies or work.Arduino Uno, Python, Bolt IOT, PyAutoGUI, TinkerCad, Iot, UART


An ML model which investigates and predicts a person's risk of having diabetes, depression or hypertension.NumPy, Machine Learning, pandas, Python, Jupyter Notebook, sk-learn, random forest,


A blockchain based decentralised platform for movie enthusiasts and critics to post reviews about movies and they can also earn tip for quality reviews.Solidity, Bootstrap, React, Matic, Web3, Ethereum, Blockchain, Material-UI, Truffle Suite


Decentralizing Water Bills to ensure greater transparency and seamless payments, using IOT and BlockchainSolidity, React, NodeMCU, Matic, Ethereum, Blockchain, Material-UI, web3.js, IOT (Internet of Things), Truffle Suite


An NFT Marketplace with Custom Auction and Sales Mechanisms, enabling Creators and Collectors to explore various schemes to competently trade NFTsSolidity, IPFS, React, MetaMask, Matic, Web3, Chainlink, NFT, Truffle Suite, Filecoin


A Blockchain-based platform to trade NFTs of literary worksSolidity, React, Matic, Web3, Ethereum, Blockchain, React Router, Truffle Suite, Polygon

Arcello (Celo sponsor track)

A Decentralized NFT Marketplace and Gallery to showcase, auction and trade 3D Digital Art & Content in the form of crypto-collectiblesSolidity, React, Web3, Blockchain, NFT, echoAR, Truffle Suite, Celo, CeloExtensionWallet


A Decentralized platform to tokenize music tracks and songs as NFTs and sell or auction them to generate revenue. Built using Celo, IPFS and Filecoin.Solidity, IPFS, React, Web3, Blockchain, Truffle Suite, Celo, CeloExtensionWallet, Filecoin, NFT.Storage


A Blockchain-based system to securely generate and verify the validity of digital academic certificates, thereby attenuating the prevelance of fraudulent certificates. Built using Celo .Solidity, React, Web3, Blockchain, React Router, Truffle Suite, Celo, CeloExtensionWallet, Alfajores Testnet


A decentralized and completely transparent quadratic funding platform to manage grants programs and project fundingSolidity, IPFS, OpenZeppelin, Next.js, Web3, NFT, Smart Contracts, Truffle Suite, Celo, Alfajores Testnet

Goodwill Chain(Built using Celo and IPFS-Filecoin)

Decentralized NFT Marketplace to raise funds for charity organizations or programsSolidity, IPFS, React, Web3, Ethereum, Truffle Suite, Celo, Filecoin, NFT.Storage, Alfajores Testnet


Decentralized peer-to-peer forum providing Study Materials and Educational Content with crypto incentives to encourage contributionsSolidity, IPFS, React, Web3, Ethereum, Blockchain, Truffle Suite, Celo, Filecoin, Web3.Storage


A Decentralized Q&A Platform and NFT Marketplace, with focus on user privacy and quality of contentSolidity, IPFS, Next.js, Web3, Ethereum, Tailwind CSS, Truffle Suite, Celo, Filecoin, NFT.Storage


A DAO fundraising model with NFT based DAO token bondsSolidity, IPFS, Next.js, ethers.js, Filecoin, Solana, Spheron, NeonEvm


Space-themed mobile game for token airdrops on Flow with in-game NFT assets. Why Airdrop when you can Spacedrop?Android, Unity, iOS, Android SDK, C#, Android NDK, FCL, Cadence, flow, Flow Unity SDK


Multi-chain web3 NFT game powered by Zero-knowledge proofsSolidity, Next.js, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), Hardhat, Supabase, Avalanche, Circom, move, sui, wormhole


Nurture financial growth with our ROSCA circle.Next.js, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), Scaffold-eth, Arbitrum, foundry, Safe, Push Protocol, zkevm, BASE, Anon Aadhaar


Blockchain Development