Nikita Metha

I am currently a final year student pursuing my B.Tech degree in Computer Science. What I am most passionate about is writing code and coming up with simple yet effective algorithms to solve problems. I am particularly interested in is cloud computing, system programming as well as programming core functionalities. I believe I pickup any new language easily and this is what drives me to branch out into new languages and essentially, new ways of solving a problem most efficiently.
The most complex project I've worked in is building a platform which simulates HDFS (Hadoop). This helped me pick up new languages like React (moreover, TypeScript) and Apache VTL, as well as integrating these with Python as the backend.
This project made me learn that I am indeed capable of doing what I love, and gave me the confidence to pursue more such projects and hackathons where I can showcase my skills.
Hackathons give me the opportunity to meet like-minded people, and get inspiration from others that are so passionate in this field. Plus, I get to code and hack with a whole new bunch of strangers who can hopefully become friends!



A Digital Personal TrainerHTML, GraphQL, p5.js, Posenet


Amazon DynamoDB


  • Amazon - Cloud Intern AWS
    February 2019 - Present

    Creating an internal platform for AWS Employees