Jayesh Bhole

Blockchain Intern @Router Protocol Fellow @Polygon Ex-Web3 Intern @Myriad B.Tech Undergrad @IIIT Pune 2023

A curious mind exploring Web3 and Ethereum Development with React.js, Javascript, Python and, Solidity. On the edge of my seat to create user experiences be it online or offline.

Hackathon Winner at

Reach me on Discord : JB#9032



Bring Out Your Inner Musk! #BUIDL Industries on a digital and truly decentralised Mars!Solidity, Ethereum, The Graph, Uniswap, NFT, Portis, Truffle Suite, Polygon, react spring, React UseGesture


A decentralised service for creating and verifying certificatesSolidity, MetaMask, Web3, Ethereum, Firestore, React.js

Co-Win ++

Re-thinking the Vaccine Drive regardless of Privilege or AbilitiesReact, GraphQL, MongoDB

GHODA.crypto - Shatranj

HODL your Horses! Own your A-Game like never before. Each win can mint an NFT and tell the story of your triumph for the next eternity!!!IPFS, React, Infura, Filecoin, moralis, chess.js, StackOS

Samrajya DAO

Making Chess Great Again!Solidity, React, TypeScript


Cross Chain Ecosystem - A Piece of Cake. Now every developer can create zaps to execute multiple transactions for their users with a few clicks.Solidity, React, Nodejs, Spheron, EPNS, EIP-4337, Account Abstraction, Relayers, Smart Contract Wallets

LAYs - A Simple Borrowing DApp

Turn in your ETHs and get LAYed. A stable coin as airy as LAYs.Solidity, React, Hardhat, Ethers, moralis


Say no more if you want to post updates on a web3 DAppIPFS, React, The Graph, Polygon, moralis, chakraui




  • Router Protocol - Blockchain Intern
    August 2022 - Present
  • Myriad - Web3 Developer
    May 2022 - June 2022
  • Polygon Technology - Fellow
    June 2022 - August 2022